Mandala Magic – New Collection!

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Mandala Magic – New Collection!

I’m obsessed with these things right now! In Indian religion, mandalas are spiritual symbols that represent the universe, balance and unity. Not only do they have significant meanings behind them, mandalas are beautiful, complex and all unique! And so begins my new Mandala Series – a collection of bohemian-style weavings of intricacy and detail inside a variety of exotic animals.

Although mandalas typically exude geometric perfection, I wanted my mandalas to have a more organic, hand drawn appearance so I wasn’t too worried about any patterns being uneven. Usually I’ll find a small circular object to trace around as a starting point, then I draw whatever comes to mind! I like creating natural leafy looking mandalas and you’ll see that a lot in this series. Below is a sneak peek at my latest creation – ‘Flamingo Love’

Flamingo Mandala   Flamingo Mandala

Keep your eye out for hidden surprises within the artworks!